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    Track car


    I am getting into tracking, and need a reliable track car - was wondering if anyone on here who has an E92 M3 has tracked it and can comment. I am also considering a newer M4, but the price difference, given this will only be used for track, is pushing me more to the E92.



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    I know of a nice track-ready Cayman S if you're willing to look to Stuttgart. Lots of great safety, suspension, wheels, etc. upgrades making it ready to go and very well sorted.

    I can't speak to either of the new Ms, but I had a fair amount of E46 track time some years back. I'd lean to the V8 if it were my choice, especially considering price, as you note.

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    Take a look at a C7 Corvette before you decide. So far, 2 years of trouble free heavy track use and a lot of fun. $600 for a 4 wheel set of rotors and pads is another benefit.
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    I had an e46 M3 which I traded to a GT3, and honestly the GT3 was a far, far more exciting, involving and rewarding car at the track. I have no real time in the turbo M3, but I drove the last of the V8's at Laguna and absolutely loved it, what an engine. That said, the Lotus was more more fun than all of them, because it's so delightfully light. If you can do the trailer thing then an Atom, a Caterham or a Lotus 211 would be the perfect tools.
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    I had a 2010 997.2 GT3 as a track car. Rear roll bar and 6 point harnesses. Amazing car, but way too fast for that safety equipment. Visions of brake failure in excess of 160mph...
    Didn't want to cut up such a valuable car with a full cage, etc. So I sold it and bought a spec e46 race car. Put a bunch of money in my pocket, having a great time racing, car is slower, but I am having a lot more fun. A race start makes a track day seem like a country drive! So that's my track day solution, buy a car with a full cage, safety seat, fire suppression, etc. and let it rip.

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    All of your answers are why I have the Cayman track cars! Not super expensive, super fun balance, and enough power to be able to use it all. One of mine is for sale! And still street legal.... But barely!

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