The design defect Z8 tail light issue will ultimately cost every Z8 owner thousands of dollars and it will lower the value of your Z8 unless you take action now. You have the power to make a difference on this issue rather than just posting a gripe on a forum.

I just spoke to Randy with NHTSA / DOT. He says I am the only Z8 owner to file a 5 minute complaint to NHTSA on the Z8 tail light issue!

PLEASE SEND HIM AN EMAIL AND TELL HIM IF YOU HAD A NEON LIGHT FAILURE ON YOUR Z8! It will take you less than 5 minutes to send Randy an email at [email protected]

[email protected]

Fellow Z8 owners out there.....If you have a light problem you must report it to NHTSA otherwise BMW knows nothing will ever be done about it.

So if you like the idea of paying thousands of dollars PER LAMP each time one fails....AND THEY WILL FAIL due to their defective design....then do not contact NHTSA.

If you like lowering the value of your Z8 then do not complain to NHTSA! Yes, your Z8 is worth less as people who would be buyers hear of these tail light issues and how it will cost thousands to repair and this is a repair that will have to be done sooner or later...and over again!

All a potential buyer needs to do is read from this Z8 forum and elsewhere and they will be less inclined to buy the car or at least pay a lower price. This is exactly what happened with the 355 Ferrari market as owners complained about defects but never took action. Instead, they spent thousands to fix the design defect issues and potential buyers hearing of these issues shied away from buying 355s or offered lower prices.

BMW owners in Europe were apparently much more vocal to the powers that be over there so BMW took action.

If you were BMW USA and realized NHTSA won't do anything would you spend your money replacing Z8 taillights?

If you want action take action!

If you want to preserve or even boost the value of your Z8 take action!

If you don't want to spend $4k or more replacing a defectively designed tail light.....and then later another $4k replacing the other one when it eventually fails, contact NHTSA!

If you don't want someone rear ending you and potentially killing you, your passenger or the people who rear end you should your light fail when you don't know it, then contact NHTSA!

Everyone with this issue take 5 minutes to make your complaint to NHTSA. Send Randy an email then call in your complaint. This is where you file your Complaint. Emailing Randy makes this problem front and center with an investigator! When you call the toll free number NHTSA will take your information over the phone and generate a formal complaint. It is quick and easy. All you need is your VIN number. Call 1-888-327-4236. I chose not to make a selection as they will have then have a live operator answer the phone (as if you have a rotary phone, i.e., don't select an option). The more complaints we file with NHTSA....which will appear on, the more likely BMW will take us seriously.