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Thread: BMW Concept Cars Over The Years

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    BMW Concept Cars Over The Years

    Interesting article on BMW Concept Cars over the years celebrating the 100 year anniversary of BMW:

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    BMW Concept Car introducing Cool Shade

    Here is another BMW concept car from 2012. This car introduced their "Cool Shade" electronically tintable window glass. The glass can change from clear to dark or any level in between in 1 to 2 seconds via electronic controls. It is already in 3 models of the Mercedes-Benz under the name Magic Sky Control. This concept car is using the patented electronics my company manufacturers to control this type of glass. (

    In the Mercedes-Benz SL, SLK, SLC and the S series including the Maybach, the glass is in the sunroof and is either clear or blocks light. BMW put this special lighting effect shown in the video in this particular concept car.

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