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Thread: Convertible Top Failure - Wiring Harnesses

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    Convertible Top Failure - Wiring Harnesses

    Well, I brought my '03 Base into Peter Pan for service here in February 2016 for a number of concerns. One was that the top stopped raising and lowering, and the squeeze did not lock the top down anymore. You could hear the motor running for the squeeze. Also, at some points the top would raise or lower partially.

    Turns out that one or two wiring harnesses have broken. They apparently are within the area of the top that folds. So, over time, I guess they can bend and break. I have about 27K miles on my car and do use the top as much as possible in Northern California. That means it opens and closes a bit, although I drive only 2000 miles a year in the four years I've owned the car.

    Anyway, the new harnesses remain available as of now, and they do not cost very much. It may be that only one of the two have failed. Matt is going to try to find out which of the two harnesses failed once the parts come in from the Fatherland.

    The bad news is that one apparently has to take apart the top and thread the harnesses through. So, the labor will be significantly more costly than the parts... like hours.

    So, if your top stops working or only partially works, this could be your problem.

    Be careful out there.

    Greg AH61930 - 2003 - Silver/Black

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    Thank you Greg for passing along your experience on the convertible top failure and potential fix!
    My Best,


    2002 Z8 Jet Black//Sport Red
    2012 SLS AMG Obsidian Black/Classic Red

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