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Thread: New wheels and tires

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    New wheels and tires

    I got my new wheels and tires and am extremely happy with how everything turned out. I went with the 19 inch BMW 167's and Michelin PS2's. I like how the bigger wheels modernize the look a bit and boy do the PS2's make the car a joy to drive.

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    very nice....original suspension?
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    Really does look great! 19s are the perfect size.

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    Thanks guys!

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    Yes I have the original suspension.

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    That looks fantastic and you are correct about your comment about it looking more modern. Nice job!
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    Tastefully done and looks great!
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    These rims have the exact same specs (size and offset) as the M5 166 I have on my Z8. I think the rears are a PERFECT fit but the fronts would be better with an offset slightly bigger than 12mm. I find them to be almost sticking out of the fender when looking from above (even though the rim is narrower, they extend out 2mm more than the Alpina rims), in a big pothole or on a big bump (God forbids) it would be a very tight fit. Keeping the car clean is also a bit of a challenge. What is your experience with them? I wish I could shave off 5-6mm of the hub to push them in a bit but that's probably not a safe thing to do.

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