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Thread: Hard Top Fabric Unglue

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    Hard Top Fabric Unglue

    Hi, i own a z8 alpina silver, i took my car to braman motors, west palm beach on january of 2015 to be fix and repair many things to keep the car in perfect condition, they order all the part from germany and after a couple of weeks i went to see how advance the work was, i ask to see my car and the took me to the parking lot under the hot sun of florida, my car was allways inside air conditioning (never under the sun) after they finnish their work that took them 1 months i took the car back home and i realize the fabric from the hard top inside of the car is all loose and unglue, anyone has this problem???? any suggestions how to be fix???

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    Should be an eady fix. Any upholsterer could do the job. First the inner liner should be removed from the hardtop shell. Then they will have to lift up the fabric from the liner and apply glue to the liner. Then they will use the same original fabric to cover the liner.

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    Thank you for your advice i really appreciated, zed8.

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    When I bought my car the headliner was detached from the hard top. I recently had it replaced at my local BMW dealer here in Alabama. The service department foreman had a lot of experience with headliner and convertible top repair (although not with Z8), and he did a great job. Of interest, the parts guy looked up the supply of original fabric headliners, and found 20 available (some black and some tan material) at $459 each. They ordered one for me and it arrived in a roll, with the fabric and foam backing. They installed it with no problems although they had to order additional fabric for the rear window shelf for it to match. The total for the repair was $1942. I have attached some before, during, after photos.

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    Great job!
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    Looks great! Thanks for sharing.

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    Great repair, thanks for sharing the info!
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    Could you send me the name of your BMW dealership in Alabama? I am trying to find black headliner to replace on my 2003 Alpina hardtop without much luck here in Florida. My BMW dealership says I have to buy the whole headliner and was hoping to not have to go that route! Thank you for your time to reply.

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    Actually, the hard shell cannot come out of the hardtop. It is clear that BMW did not want the headliner replaced. The pictures of the one above show an excellent job, but there is no real way to wrap it around the hard shell edges. The best (?) upholstery shop in the Dallas area confirms this. The rubber/felt gasket needs to come out and this is a difficult and expensive job. Wish there were a method of velcroing the fabric to the top. In order to replace the fabric properly, it is necessary to remove the old fabric, remove the glue, and sand and clean the hard shell. Then there would be a chance for having the replacement lining remain intact.

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