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Thread: front collision z8 for sale

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    front collision z8 for sale


    I am completely new to the Z8, so first of all many thanks for letting me into this forum and helping me with the following questions.

    I have been offered a Z8 with front collission damage (pictures attached). I am not new to car restorations and have repaired worse looking cars in the past, but they weren't alluminium (and reading about the frame issues of this model is not exactly encouraging)

    I would appreciate if you guys could give any estimates of possible value of the depicted car and foreseable repair cost (I would do the "easy" things myself)

    So far I only have the attached pictures, next week I plan on going to seee the car, so any tips on what to look for are most welcomed


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    Hi Bernie,

    That is quite a challenge. If you are lucky and the damage is only "superficial" ( hood, fenders, bumper, lights, interior etc) a rough estimate of the cost of parts will be between 7,500-10,000. If structural parts are damaged add a 20,000 for a complete front section or less when only beams has to be replaced. Be sure that the engine runs fine because a replacement engine is around 20K .
    The price is a difficult one. Google "BMW Z8 salvage cars" and you wil get a good impression. I have seen cars offered in a worse condition over 100k. One of the factors that make the price of the car is the mileage and please keep in mind that if you succeed in repairing the car in a perfekt condition it remains a car with a "history". Good luck!

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    Since it appears that the car is on UK plates I would say that from the long term investment point of view the best thing would be to have BMW Classic in Munich do all the repairs. I think eye-balling the pictures you could easily be in the 70k range to return it to concours with them, but it will absolutely give it a clean provenance to repair it that way, and give you a great car to keep and enjoy over the long term.

    If however you're looking to flip it, you could get away with 20-30k possibly, so long as there's no frame damage, and then sell it on. If there is frame damage walk away - unless you want to do the BMW Classic thing.
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    Solid advice from Andrew. Probably best for long, and short term value if you just spend the big money up front and have BMW make it right. That returns the car to a very solid provenance. Any other shop, no matter how good, would not be able to provide that.


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    Good to know that airbag inflated...

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