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Thread: Local Boy Makes Good

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    Local Boy Makes Good

    Well done Christian!

    Is that Carlos' M6 beside?

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    Congratulations Christian!
    My Best,


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    It's hard to beat a red/red Z8 for looks! Congratulations!


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    Congratulations! That is fantastic.
    Skip Hammerman

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    Cool .... and now the rest of the story!

    Thank you for the accolades, but I guess this was only on the merit of sporting Michelins on my car. Here is the rest of the story:

    In a moment of night walking exuberance and optimism I had entered the old Z8 for Concours judging at the Legends of the Autobahn event, confidently bypassing the milder categories of "clean" and "super clean" car. The judging guide lines stated that no Q-Tips would be used, so I was in!

    Before the judging began I had a nice chat with a Mr. Horatiu Boeriu, the Michelin Man, as I would find out later. After a while 3 white shirted and sun hatted judges started hovering around, in and underneath my car, led by a gentleman who identified himself as Greg.

    At noon I was called to the podium to receive a special award from Michelin. Speakers everywhere, no podium in sight. I run towards the American flag flying high on a hill behind some sponsors' tents. Nothing! By the time I get to the podium the announcer was gone to lunch and the Michelin people told me that Michelin Man was stuck in race traffic and would be at my car after lunch.

    So I ran back to the car where I caught chief judge Greg sticking a note on its windshield requesting to stay put as I had won a Concours award. Greg shook my hand and padded my back "beautiful car, congratulations!". No, he could not tell me if I came in third, second or first. But I would find out when called to the podium.

    In the meantime the Michelin Man showed up to present me with a generous tire gift certificate - without being able to give me any good reason why, other than a photo op with me and the Z8.

    Next the organizer started calling finalists and their cars to the podium. 3 of the clean car kind first, three of the super clean category next, all nicely mixed with the Mercedes and Audi award winners to lengthen the process. Finally he got to the BMW Concours winners. I was ushered towards the podium sandwiched between two beautiful M3 coupes. First they called the one on my left to pull forward. So by laws of sequence I figured to have made second place. Then they called the one on my right to the podium which by process of elimination would have made me the first place winner! What happened next is priceless:

    The usher walked up to my car, pulled the award winning note from its windshield and directed me away from the podium mumbling some apologies and excuses, asking me to go back where I came from!

    Attached are a few photos of this spectacle.

    Lesson learned: Don't underestimated the process of elimination when queuing up for an award, especially if BMW CCA Greg is involved.
    2001 Z8

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    What? No "award"? Only the tire coupon? Not that discount tires are anything to sneeze at! You should have gotten #1!

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    Frankly, judging strictly based on cleaning effort I did not deserve an award. There was a fellow who actually presented his 5 series car with one wheel removed to show what a phenomenal job he did q-tipping parts of the car I didn't know even existed.

    So I am very grateful to Michelin Man for his simplified approach to selecting his best of show car. over the years I have bought a lot of his product.
    2001 Z8

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    Hey, nothing wrong with "free." Congrats, Christian!
    Charles Guerin
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    Bravo, its a wonderful car, one I've been very happy to share many great drives with, it's great to see it getting such a well deserved reward!! :-)
    Andrew Macpherson

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