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Thread: Valve Lifters Ticking Sound

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    Valve Lifters Ticking Sound

    I left my car in storage for about a year, with a disconnected battery. I connected the battery and was able to start the car immediately yesterday. When i started the car, there is a new ticking sound in the engine- i believe it is the valve lifters due to low oil pressure. Someone told me the sound should disappear after the car runs- i ran the engine for 10 minutes but the sound did not go away.

    I would appreciate answers to two question- Can i run the car with this sound- will i damage it if i run it? What does it take to fix?

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    I had a similar experience three years ago, when we actually experienced rain in California and the Z8 was parked in the garage for an extended period of time. I would recommend the following course of action:
    1) Check the oil level in the engine. Low oil levels will also cause valve ticking.
    2) Drive the car for over 30 minutes with moderate RPMs, <3000
    3) Upon warm up and acceleration the valve ticking should go away, if not its time to visit your local BMW service provider.
    My service advisor at Peter Pan BMW owns a M5 also with the S62 engine and he had similar experiences in his car. Note that since that one time event I have not experienced the valve ticking, then again we have had some dry winters here too.
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    The sound might also be from one or both of the VANOS units. They tend to be noisy after sitting for a while. As Ed suggests, I would drive the car for 20-30 minutes, my guess is the ticking will disappear.


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    As the others have mentioned, running the car will cause the sound to go away. However, idling is not sufficient. The car must be driven under modest load and with revs up to normal cruising rates. I've had this ticking several times when taking my car out of storage and it always goes away but not when just idling in the garage. There is nothing wrong with the car, this is just a part of the engine's character.

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    Thank you all very much. Could not get to my this weekend. Will drive it this week and will let you know!
    thanks again - the ability to tap into this wealth of knowledge is a tremendous benefit for me!!

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    I have heard from knowledgable sources that this is common with this engine (Sin City BMW, Las Vegas) Shortly after i bought my car they recommended i run the car up to operating temperature every 2 weeks. Ive done that faithfully and I have never had the ticking

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    I have my car now for 3 years and I drive it about 5K miles a year. In the beginning, after sitting for 6 years, the ticking was there in the first 20 minutes. Now I don't hear the VANOS anymore.
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    Yes. Clearly not driving the car was the issue! I have garage space issues which keeps this car in storage

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