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  1. BMW S14 2002 (the original M2)
    General Information
    BMW S14 2002 (the original M2)
    Estoril Blue
    S14 engine swap

    There have been a few YouTube Videos recently about taking a 2002 and modifying it to accommodate an S14 engine. That requires a change in transmission, suspension, brakes, motor mounts, differential etc. There is a shop in SoCal that is pretty accomplished and another in New Hampshire. I called and spoke to the Principal at VSR in Bow New Hampshire back in early 2013. We discussed a project he had completed that was highlighted in Hemmings. I told him I wanted a similar build but a driver. We started the project in August 2013 and it was completed in June of this year (2015). The end result is fabulous.


    Mario (Langsten at VSR) found factory turbo flairs and front air dam which we added to the car after it was fully stripped and redone. It was a California Car so it had hardly any rust and was very straight. It of course was not Estoril Blue but that is the color I wanted so it was repainted entirely.


    The only changes into the interior were the addition of 2 Schell seats for the front which we found on the 2002 boards. We also removed the dash and sent it to a company in Las Vegas where it was recovered and the stitching was done in blue. Finally we added the 4 point harnesses which are electrically controlled in that they tighten on you in the even of a sudden stop. We also added a Momo Steering Wheel that feels great driving.


    The in car entertainment is all about the sound. The car has a racing exhaust and is very loud. It sounds amazing at full throttle.


    A 1990 S14 engine was sourced for the power. We added the Alpha N airbox, a specially built radiator, oil cooler and oil pan and fabricated and moved the motor mounts to better suit the car's stability. Found a Getrag 5 speed to add to the car and ordered a new 3.91 differential from

    We did not install coil-overs but instead bilstein shocks with heavy duty sway bars. We also added Wilwood disc brakes all the way around the car.


    I looked for old BBS 16" wheels that would work but they were just not available. Subsequently I ordered custom wheels from CCW and they turned out fabulous.

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    Congratulations! It looks fantastic!

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    That is a great car! Love it.
    Skip Hammerman

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    I was introduced to BMW via my uncle who traded his Austin Healey 3000 for a 2002. Great little sports sedans! Enjoy
    My Best,


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    What a gem, enjoy!!!
    Andrew Macpherson

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    Been a while

    It has been a while since I posted here. My life has changed dramatically. All is good though. I shipped my S14 2002 over to Germany with nine other cars and we toured Bavaria and met up with the Bavarian Tour for a few days with over 150 other classic 2002s. All in all we spent about 22 days over there. Great fun but I probably wont be shipping more cars for driving events outside this country. The BMWCCCA (Classic) is a fun group! I hope all are well!
    Robert C. - BMW Enthusiast
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