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Thread: Performance Package discontinued?

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    Performance Package discontinued?

    Hello all.

    First post and new 2000 Z8 Black/Black owner here. I just spoke with my local BMW dealer near Portland, Oregon and they told me the Performance Package is completely discontinued and there is no old stock in the system. Is this true? If so, what aftermarket manufacturer are you using to source?

    Thanks for the help.


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    Hi Drew,

    Welcome to the Forum, you will find a wealth of helpful information here as a new owner. I had the Performance Package installed on my car a year ago, and if I recall correctly, the components that make up the Performance package were available individually, but could not be ordered as a group under a single part number. Search some of the old posts for confirmation and a listing of the necessary parts. You might also check the website to get the part numbers.

    Good Luck!


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    Welcome! I suspect that my experience is the most recent of anyone. I had the PP installed a month ago. I am unsure if they ordered the parts separately or not, but I suspect not because it was not mentioned to me at all. I did it at the BMW store in Vancouver, Canada. After checking the car and confirming alignment, etc., it only took about a month for them to get the parts from Germany.

    Perhaps call another dealer and ask, or even check with the BMW store in Vancouver given that you are on the west coast. The cost was under $2k CAD.

    Hope that helps.


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    Hi Drew,

    Here is the listing of the part numbers ( source BMW Classic Germany)

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    Thanks for all the information. I have another request in at the part level. We will see what they find.



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