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Thread: Car options/opinions

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    Car options/opinions

    I am looking to replace my daily driver (Audi S5 Cabriolet) and wanted to get forum opinions. My needs are as follows:

    - 4 real seats
    - convertible possibility - i.e. I might buy a coupe but would compare both and then choose, favoring the convertible somewhat
    - Fun and fast

    I have tried the RS5, the M4 and the California (the latter stretching the idea of 4 real seats). Anyone out there with specific experiences with these cars able to provide some opinions? Anything I am missing that might meet my criteria?

    Much appreciated!

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    Aston Martin Rapide?


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    In the same spirit of the California, I love my Porsche 911 cab with 2+2 (very little people) seating. If you can live with the range and a fixed roof, I am also very impressed by the Tesla Model S.
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    Thanks for the suggestions... I tried to put my daughter in the back of a 911 and she just gave me that 'sorry Dad, not happening' look (she is 5'7") so that kills it as a daily driver.

    I would actually love a DB9 or variant, but again, the seat room is no better than the 911. Someone should authorize a bit of a stretch on the DB11 to make it work!

    Does anyone have the M4 yet?

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    Maseratti? Four door? Not sure on the rear leg room...

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    The California T is a great car, but the "back seats" are essentially useless as seats.
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    Graham Robson described the 'occasional seat' in the TR2 as "good for legless dwarves"

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    I second the opinion on the Maserati, if you're willing to go the 4-door route. My wife is on her 2nd Quattroporte, and it is a terrific car. The Ghibli works well, too. My i8 also has tiny seats in back, so forget that one.

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    You were asking for experience with different cars - I have had a a 2015 M4 for over 7 months and absolutely love it. The performance, both the acceleration and handling, is excellent. Great everyday driver, yet very much holds it own on the track, and with snow tires is a great winter car that provides the excitement needed from the ho-hum driving blues...

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    We have a 2015 M4 daily driver and love it. Plenty of room for two adults in the front and two kids in the back, including my 6-foot tall teenage son. Its a great all-around car.
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    What about the m5? More room?

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    Great suggestions everyone... and thx for the feedback on the M4. Still leaning towards that as I will likely do the convertible. It is too bad that they continue to use that heavy roof.

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    I'm surprised you didn't like the M4 convertible... but if you opt for a tin-top, I agree with whoever posted the notion of a 6 Series Gran Coupé, Alpina or otherwise. And for a while, BMW was painting them IMOLA RED! Yes, I had an six-speed-manual Imola 650i Gran Coupé in the garage for a few days, and didn't want to give it back!

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    I had a 2012 650 Gran Coupe and loved every minute of it. It's obviously not going to fit the convertible bill. but if you decide to go sedan, it was my favorite. I drove a panamera as a loaner for my gf's boxster. The porsche was not as fun or, IMO, attractive, as the 650. I love the look of the M4 and almost went for it this go-round. But I settled on a 650 coupe (hard top), in part because they don't sell well in N.Cal. and I got a terrific deal. Good luck with whichever you decide.
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