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Thread: More on oil: weight, quantity, etc.

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    More on oil: weight, quantity, etc.

    Okay, I can't find all of the original threads, but in the matter of oil weight, I have confirmed with Stevie D (who now lives in oh my God INDIANA!) that the S62 does, indeed, like 10w60 synthetic, but some early owners had issues IN COLD WEATHER (not letting the oil warm up before they roared off to starve the bearings). That's why BMW switched to a 5w30 spec, apparently.

    I just put a little over 5,000 miles on 60664 (and left it at Stevie D's new house!), so I will have the oil changed at Reinbold and see if they can activate the scavenger solenoids to get the last liter out of the system. I think if we can figure out how to do this without a G1 computer, it would be a boon to the community! Maybe Steve can enlighten me when I visit him in June.

    Since this car has over 100,000 miles on it now—yes, I took a picture for Roundel! I will send a sample of the oil to Blackstone Labs, just to see what's what at this distance. I do know that this car has been running "alternative" oil... like Mobil-1 10w40 quasi-synthetic. I imagine that Reinhold is using Shell 10W60 synthetic, as that's BMW's new standard; I may check with them beforehand and send them some Liqui-Moly. I do know that I want 7.5 liters in the engine once the scavenger reservoirs are empty... unless I have now mis-read every post on this topic!

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    Thanks for the info. Please continue as you learn more...

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    Yes the engine uses 10W60 if you use it as advertised:
    Autobahn commutes
    & occasional track session

    if you do mild driving with the occasional redline sprint you can switch down 1 or 2 weights on the engine (so 40 weight or 50 weight). That's because 60 weight is meant to protect the engine if you're at 300kph @ 6500-7000rpm or if you're blasting through the mountains or the nurburgring where the oil temp is above 100C. But most of the time at highway speeds, even 100+mph the oil temp will sit in the mid-90s

    the correct fill is supposed to be 7.5L with the solenoids activated but if you can measure how much oil you remove simply fill that amount, no reason to get hung up on numbers, you can also simply add anyt additional oil after a cycle of driving.

    as for what oil to use at your mileage it's completely dependent on your driving regardless of miles. I've read people make the argument for increasing the weight after X-amount of miles, but that doesn't make much sense imo. there are M5 owners out there that have crossed 300,000 miles on original internals, and if you follow that logic they'll need to start importing Penrite 10W70 from Australia pretty soon.

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