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Thread: Hardtop Trolley Questions

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    Hardtop Trolley Questions

    A few days ago I purchased what I think is a "New old stock" hardtop trolley for my car, in the original box with instructions, packing material, etc. The trolley I purchased is silver in color. There is another trolley currently available on Ebay which appears to be identical (same part number, original BMW) with the exception of being black instead of silver. Does anyone know if one is "correct" for having come originally with the car vs. a replacement unit? Or perhaps just a mid-production change, or a different subcontractor? Also, the label on the box has a variety of numbers, the meaning of which are not clear to me. However, one of the numbers is "AH60160", which sounds suspiciously like the last seven digits of a VIN. Does it make sense that these trolleys were designated to go with a specific Z8, or just a coincidence? The one presently on Ebay has the number AH60156 in the same location on the label.

    Trivial questions for certain, but I get a kick out of learning about the nuances of our cars.


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    Wow, great question and observation, I have no idea if the boxes were numbered to go with the cars. I have seen pictures of some finished in silver over the years, but have no idea why there was a difference. All the ones I've seen in person have always been black.
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    Hi Bill,

    I bought a unit 2 years ago from BMW which is black.
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    My 2001 came with a black unit but I had a silver unit a few years ago which I sold.

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    My trolley is in black as well. Also it seems the trolleys with vin starts with AH. So this could be a case for US cars only.

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    I got one shipped from a BMW dealership almost 2 years ago, also black.

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    2002 AH61238 and mine is silver.
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    2002 AH61297 and mine is black.
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    2002 AH61714, black car, black hardtop trolley
    My Best,


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    Mine is silver - sounds like both were OEM.

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    I have a hardtop storage question. I live in a rural area and I have a serious mouse issue during the cold winter months. Anyone have a way to encapsulate the top and cover to protect against rodents?

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    I leave both of mine hanging from the garage ceiling using the Roadster Solutions hardtop hoist. Works great, I don't need a second person to take off or put on the hardtop, and no rodent issues.

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    I had a rodent issue in a garage a while ago. The critters ate a bunch of electric wires and destroyed the hood insulation of an M3 I used to store there for the winter season. Since then I purchased a device that emits ultrasounds to keep rodents away and I haven't had any issues. An inexpensive and effective solution to prevent a potential disaster.

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