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Thread: Common Manufacturers problems

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    Common Manufacturers problems

    I'm new in the forum (new owner, dream made reality).
    After reading and try to learn as much as possible from the forum, I found my car have the following manufacture problems:
    1. Dash delamination
    2. Mirror delamination
    3. Fogging headling
    4. Radio intermittent malfunction

    the questions are:
    1. Is there any other common problems that will eventually happen to my car and any other car?
    2. Knowing that it is a manufacture problem and not necessarily product of misuse or negligence from the owners; does BMW should support and provide the solutions even when all cars are "out of warranty", considering the Z8 as the last flagship unit before the I8 and after the 507 and M1. Not to mention the fact that there should be no more that 2300 units "serviceable" in USA and probably no more than 4.5 k world wide.
    3. How much will BMW will invest in keeping a group of "serious" costumers that were able to invest >130 USD 12 years ago??

    Just some questions and observations from a new inexperienced forum member.
    Will love to hear from senior level members

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    1 and 2 - yes, we will all suffer these issues over the fullness of time.

    3 - this is the great unknown!
    Andrew Macpherson

    Expert Z8 Inspections, with full support for both Z8 sale and purchases.

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    A few other common issues you can research on this forum (listed in my own order of priority):

    1. Performance Package - added to make sure the shock towers don't get bent. For most of us who drive at all this is a must.
    2. Replacing 10+ tear old run flat tires. Consider non-run flats for additional tower protection and less hard ride, although some put new run flats on.
    3. Take the flashlight out as it is where the CD changer is located. Why would you not do this?
    4. CD changer getting stuck. Lots of little fix techniques.
    5. Soft top strings (store car with soft top up, windows slightly down) to lengthen life of new strings.
    6. Gas cap stuck although electronics work. I finally got a dealer fix.
    7. Replace oil filler cap...a cheap fix particularly if cracked, but even if not.
    8. Clips or tabs on clam shell seat backs and leather boot.
    9. Clutch delay valve removal...not expensive or essential, but many swear by it for performance and lengthening clutch life.
    10. Clean out the grill/radiator area of leaves and debris. It tends to fill up.
    11. Metal bar reinforcement to prevent bottom of rear bumper from warping. Available from Z8 Club...not essential, particularly if you notice it, but I don't.
    12. Trunk lid shock failure...a do it yourself if you want.
    13. Neon tail light expensive fix if it happens.
    14. Various electrical gremlins that just require fiddling and patience...sometime restarting because the button does not engage, or the glove box has a hard time opening.
    Charles Guerin
    AH61406 - Titanium Silver/ /Black

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    Good list, Charles. I must be near achieving my "Z8 Veteran" status, having dealt with numbers 1,2,3,4,5,8,10, and 12 along with fogged headlights during my 16 months of ownership! No meaningful relationship comes without a measure of pain.....


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