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Thread: Silver/Black Z8 in Naples?

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    Silver/Black Z8 in Naples?

    Naples, Florida, has a large car show each year on Valentine's day on 5th Avenue, Naples. I believe it is sponsored by the local Ferrari club, as they were heavily represented (probably 30-40 F cars present) A buddy of mine and I took a ride over, and spotted a beautiful silver/black Z8 in the show. Does it belong to anyone on the forum?

    Unfortunately, mine is under its car cover hooked up to a Battery Tender back home in 5 degree New Jersey.


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    as they were heavily represented(probably 30-40 F cars present)
    Very common car...nothing special
    1 of the 71 original Dutch sold cars (jetblack/red)

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    I haven't seen that one, but I have a black/red in Naples.

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    We should connect sometime, my Z8 is up here in New Jersey but I am moving my E39 M5 down to our place in Naples as our Florida DD.


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