I promised my wife to clean my study so I am selling the following items:

Salesman Brochure= 1 sold, 1 left

BMW issued these brochures to the salesmen in all countries ( I have 4 in different languages) so probably this was part of US "sales kit"
It is a very luxuries brochure in a slip case with glossy pictures.
The pictures show the german version but the this one is in english.

Price: $125

Brochure = sold, only in german available

This is the general which was issued in all the countries were the Z8 was sold. I am not sure about the US but it is in English and has 52 pages and a separate specs brochure

Price: $50


It is a folded brochure in German but the back is a 33/23 inch poster of a silver/red-black car

price $30

Sticker issued by Alpina

price $5

Leather pouch with contents=sold

This set belongs to a US car from 2002 but is never used. Even the service and warranty booklet is empty.
Set price $175

If you are interested please sent me a PM. Payment by PayPal only. Shipment is not included in the price.