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Thread: New Home for 60376

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    New Home for 60376

    This saga started when I saw an ad on this forum for a Z8 and after a few conversations with Andrew and the owner, my wife and I flew out to see the car. Upon arriving we were met by Andrew who did a very impressive inspection of the car. I took a short drive with the owner and after thinking it over for a couple of days decided to buy it.
    My friend of some 40 years, Tom Meade offered his truck and enclosed trailer to collect the Z8 from California. The driving was shared between then two of us and my daughter Jessa, who was along for the adventure. We arrived in Beverly Hills a little after noon and were met by the owner who delivered the car along with an unexpected gift in the form of a thick file of receipt and a fitted car cover. Nice surprise, thank you Michel.

    The trailer was built for pre WWII type cars where clearance and low profile wheels are not loading problems. Knowing this we had a box full of 2Ē x 4Ē x 12Ē wood blocks and 2Ē x 12Ē planks we could place under the tires to keep the car from high centering. It is a good thing because the cable guide for the winch is an inch higher than the clearance under the Z8. We loaded without much problem in about an hour and were on our way. We had hoped to get to Kingman but the traffic was slow going out of LA and we spent the night in Barstow. It was raining when we got up the next morning and we had cloud cover all morning, which made driving East in the morning pleasant. We arrived in Albuquerque about 8:00PM so decided to leave the car in the trailer overnight and unload the next day.

    We started the unloading around noon thinking it would take an hour or so. It turned out that getting the car off was much more difficult. We eventually backed a flatbed trailer behind the enclosed trailer and used the ramps as a bridge.
    The tractor made easy work of maneuvering the flatbed exactly inline with the back of Tomís enclosed trailer. Left to right are son-in-law Devin, daughter Jessa and wife Pam.

    Here Pam is checking for daylight as I back the car down to the flatbed. You can see the 2 x 12 planks in the ramps and the tire marks where I lost traction when the car bottomed out on an earlier attempt. Fortunately, there is no damage to underside of the car.

    The flatbed trailer tilted to get the car off but we were not taking any chances, you can see the planks and short wood blocks used to ease the angle so nothing rubbed.

    Terra Firma (about all I remember from my 4 years of Latin study).

    Tucked in for the night.

    The Tuesday before Christmas I took it for an emissions test (required to register an out of state car) and it failed. The BMW shop has been scratching their heads for two days trying to figure out what the cause is. The symptom is the car runs 25% rich at idle. The air fuel mixture is normal at speed.

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    Let me be the first to say Congrats! The emissions problem could be that you must fully warm up the cats for the car to pass. I personally have never had this problem but I've heard it from other Z8 owners.
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    Congratulations! Hope the problems are solved soon and you can make your "maiden trip"
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    Congratulations and welcome! Hope you can resolve the emissions check soon!
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    Congratulations on your acquisition. You will love it, mine has become my all-time favorite car.


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    Thanks for all the good wishes. My guess is that it will be something simple when it is resolved. Iím not worried about it being something big; the engine just runs too well at speed. I can tell that it is fuel rich starting away from a traffic light but it clears up and runs strong by the time I get into third gear.

    I bought my first collector car in 1972; a 1932 Hupmobile cabriolet with a rumble seat. It was the short wheel base chasses with the large 8-cylinder engine, a hotrod in its day. Since then I have hauled many a pre-war car (WWII) on and off trailers without any drama. I learned that I am going to need a different trailer to haul these low-slung cars.

    I would have driven this one home if it was summer but I didnít want to expose it to the possibility of snow and ice in the mountain passes between LA and Albuquerque. I would bet the big wide summer tires on the Z8 make good skis on slick roads.

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    Welcome to the forum and congratulations on your new ride!

    As Kevin stated, have the dealership fully warm up the car before performing the emissions test. That seems to be a best practice for these amazing cars.
    My Best,


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    The thought entered my mind that you could have had a nice drive over from LA. When I purchased mine in North Carolina, my wife and I combined a road trip out to Asheville and the Smokies with picking up the Z8 in Raleigh. The drive home to New Jersey was a lot of fun and a good opportunity to get acquainted with the car. However, if snow had been a possibility I might have reconsidered!


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    The requirement here is that the car has been runing for at least 15 minutes before the test is done. When the mechanic

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    Fat fingers! The last post should have said: The requirement here is that the car has been running for at least 15 minutes before the test is done. The check engine light was on, I didnít notice it before the test (the emissions tester didn't either) but I assume it was on when I drove in. Now that I know where the light is Iíll be more aware. When the mechanic was plugged into the onboard computer he could see that the fuel mixture was not correct at idle. They are going to replace both mass airflow sensors and see what that does. The thory is that if one is bad the computer doesn't know what to do with the other one and starts hunting. We will see. Eddie

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    Eddie, welcome to the wonderful world of Z8 ownership, and Happy New Year too, but sorry to hear its started with a gremlin. As the others have said these cars want to be hot, and preferably have had a good fast blast to clean out the pipes before the test.

    I wouldn't be surprised if the check engine light came on as a result of being plugged into the system there, and would suggest that the dealership should be able to tell more accurately what brought it on. The MAF's are not that likely to be bad at 10k miles, but it isn't impossible, I'd be more inclined to reset the engine light, then drive the car and see if it comes on again. If it does that may give the dealership a clearer reading on the fault.

    Experience with these cars suggests it is more usual that it is either one of the 4 O2 sensors, or the 2 cam sensors has gone bad. I replaced all of the sensors on my 10 year service as a lot of owners here have reported check engine light being triggered by bad sensors over the last few years.
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    It seems odd that any of those items would be bad after 10000 mi...

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    Welcome from another long term owner. My favorite car as well!

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    They replaced both mass air sensors and the car passed emissions test today. Now to get it registered. Thanks for all the support.

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    That is great news, and worth noting that at around 15 years the MAF's can cause CEL to come on regardless of miles. I know a couple of us have changed out our MAF's as part of our 10 year service, but they've not been the same cause of trouble in our cars as they have for owners of the E39 M5, which shares our motor.
    Andrew Macpherson

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