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Thread: Sad Sight!

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    Sad Sight!

    This is not a happy image. I wonder what happened here. Repair cost estimated at $100,000. Not sure anybody wants to spend this (or more) on a salvage title Alpina on top of the initial cost of acquiring the wrecked car.

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    I believe the story I heard about this was an accident in Newport Beach between this newly purchased Alpina and a Range Rover. I hadn't seen pictures, I did hear that the Alpina owner was pushing to have the car declared a total loss. Seeing the pictures now makes that claim much easier to understand.

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    Yes, that is that car, it was a low mileage garage queen that got side-swiped by the Range Rover that ran a light.
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    Should the airbags not have been deployed? The car is shipped back to Europe
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    Wasn't some one asking about Alpina rims for sale?
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    I hope the Alpina driver wasn't seriously hurt, ouch! Looks like the car was hit with such force the right rear tire hit a curb or something hard.

    Future parts car?
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    According to what I heard the drivers of both cars were both the ladies of their respective households and both were unhurt. Although this car may have a California salvage title I would have thought it a perfect candidate for BMW Classic's total restoration program, and then to be resold in the EU.
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    With bidding already over $73,000 and a salvage title, plus an estimated hundred grand to restore it, I'd say this is an interesting dilemma. Unless BMW Classic can create a new chassis number, I don't see how this can ever be an untarnished title. Of course, Bob an' Zeke can prolly throw a new door at 'er and pound out the aluminum close enough to let Bondo fill the gaps, and run it through a certain easy-title state, and make a dollar.