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    Road Trip

    Nothing is more fun than packing up the car and heading out! My '62 Porsche got the nod this time, so it was more of an odyssey than a road trip. Ten days and 3,350 miles after leaving Gloucester, MA I arrived in Phoenix. The southern route through VA, NC, TN, AR, OK, TX, NM - Mostly Rt 40 with a few detours - was the best choice for a car with minimal heat.

    There were times when I was longing for the Z8 Magic Carpet ride, but the coupe performed admirably, and was surprisingly comfortable. The car is now resting in the warm weather and I am back in MA. Fun trip!

    Here's a few pictures. Great roads, first class motels!


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    Great pix, thanks for sharing! You just can't beat the open road, we should all get out and enjoy it more!
    Andrew Macpherson

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    Ah, my favorite thing to do! Sounds like great fun in what looks like an amazing car. No breakdowns? 3000 mi in a car like that can be "eventful"

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    Thanks for sharing your pictures Dennis! I can imagine the melodic sound of the Porsche engine as a backdrop to a wonderful trip. When do you plan to be reunited with your car?
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    No breakdowns, just a few annoyances. Biggest one was restarting the car after it was warmed up. (Starter bushings are worn and can't turn the battery when the engine is hot.) It made for some short pit stops and a lot of drive-thrus!

    I'll head back to Phoenix for the Auction week in January, then go back in March and drive to LA for the 356 annual gathering. If there is a Sunday AM drive planned in LA for March 8 or 15, let me know. I wouldn't be a match to keep up with the crowd but could meet you for breakfast!

    In the meantime, I have some excellent mechanic friends who will go through my list of issues and have it ready to drive on my return. After that, not sure if I will drive it back East in the spring or have it shipped.

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    Sounds and looks like a great trip. Beautiful car and what a way to truly enjoy it! I love the picture with the "rock". Great shot worth enlarging and framing. Just about perfect.
    Skip Hammerman

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