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Thread: DIY Performance Package Install?

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    DIY Performance Package Install?


    I have ordered all the parts required for the Performance Package and in looking at the install instructions it doesn't look too complicated. Has anyone attempted to perform this installation themselves? If so, any lessons learned? The instructions call for the use of "riveting tongs", anyone know what these are? Looking at the blind rivets it would appear that they could just be tapped in with a hammer.

    Failing that, has anyone had a PP installed in Calgary, AB, Canada?

    I appreciate any advice!


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    Hi Rory,

    If you read the thread you will find several postings about problems ( "too high", tong etc.)
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    The typical cost of installation (excluding the parts) is around $1200.00, plus or minus. I would hate to risk messing up my Z8 to save what essentially equates to 1% or less of its value.


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    I've read all the existing threads I could find but didn't see any references to anyone performing the install themselves. I also couldn't find any references to what a "riveting tong" actually is, or if it is required.

    Problem I have is that as far as I know there are no local shops that have done a PP install. Therefore, they would be learning just like I would. Based on some of the horror stories posted about dealership installs (cut insulation etc...), I would likely end up doing a more thorough job myself.


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