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Thread: Steering column squeak

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    Steering column squeak

    Have just noticed squeak when I turn the wheel. Somewhat intermittent but annoying and needs to get remedied pronto. I have 32,000 on my 2001 euro. Sounds like a bushing.

    Has anyone else encountered this?

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    No, but this is something to check because it could be the steering lock which has caused some owners to get literally 'locked out'.
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    I had the same (I believe) squeak at 77,000 miles. The cause was "power steering supply and return lines leaking". Replaced hoses and it has been quiet since.
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    I also had the high and low pressure power steering lines replaced, but with my car I don't recall intermittent squeaking noise. I would also check to determine if the accessory belt is giving away that powers the power steering pump (and other systems).
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    I have the squeaking noise when the car is cold. After 10 minutes it is gone.
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    Took her in to Erhard BMW in West Bloomfield. They think (but didn't seem overly confident) that it is the slip ring.

    I didn't authorize the work as they need to get a couple sensors to quiet my engine light which greeted me when I brought her out of storage. Inlet cam and Post CAT Bank 2 O2 sensors. As diff banks I'm assured that both need to be replaced. A smidge over $1K for both.

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    How many miles on the car?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Norcal View Post
    How many miles on the car?
    32,300 give or take.

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