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Thread: European BMW club

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    European BMW club

    Is it worthwhile to join BMW Z8 Club e.V.? Are there any benefits over the US club? It's certainly not inexpensive. I'm sure this question was dealt with a long time ago, but I'm not sure where to look for the info.

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    The most compelling reason is to have as large as possible circle of international owners represented in Germany to keep BMW on the case of suppling parts for our car for the 50 years.

    As you may know, we've already been shuffled over to BMW Classic's domain. BMW AG's core business in making and selling new cars, so Classic and us are something of an annoying little oddity on the side, but since our cars are mostly plastic, our needs are going to increase greatly over the years. United as a global owner group we stand a much better chance of getting things done, and that is the primary reason the join the club.

    The secondary reason is they also do some really fun events in Europe, as you can see in the Club thread.
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    Andrew puts it right! I consider membership as a kind of insurance. The club is our representative to BMW classic. But for a community, talking about our cars and discuss (technical) issues this is the place to be. Thanks Andrew!
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