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Thread: Performance Package installed

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    Performance Package installed

    Had the Performance Package installed on my car, AH60536, this week at BMW of Greenwich (Ct). I was very pleased with the outcome, everything came together according to plan. No issues with hood clearance, no evidence of rubbing on the underhood insulation, and the hood closes by letting it drop from 18", just as before. The strut towers were given a clean bill of health, absolutely no sign of doming or other damage. I can't say that I noticed any difference in the way the car handled on the way home tonight, but I haven't tried it out in the twisties yet. Mostly I felt a sense of security knowing I would not fall victim to a random pothole!

    There was a silver/black Z8 in the adjacent bay getting serviced. Any chance it belongs to a fellow forum member?

    If anyone is interested in having the PP installed in the Tri-state area, I give BMW of Greenwich two thumbs up. I'd be happy to provide contact information and the name of the technician who did the work (this was his second PP installation).


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    It would be great to get all the info to add to this post.
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    I think this has been discussed in other posts, but I wanted to ask as I know this has been quite a fluid and evolving topic. My car does not have the PP installed. Our roads here are actually very good, so no potholes to speak of. My goal has been to keep absolutely everything stock... are people really still seeing frame deformation other than in significant circumstances? When I read about the topic on this site, it seemed to me that every actual example was one where almost any car would have suffered some damage (e.g. hitting a curb at speed).

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    I'm also trying to keep my car stock, but I think the PP is actually the opposite and you're swimming upstream sort of speak, which is why I installed it way back when. In other words, I'd expect that over time people will come to see cars without the PP as missing a necessary component (we might be there already!) and will favor those with it. Also, it appears that BMW is moving away from production, as the PP is no longer sold as a kit, but only as separate components. At the very least you should buy one and keep it in storage just in case.
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    If I were buying a Z8 purely as a collectible, I would not install the PP but I would purchase the parts and keep them in their packaging. If I were buying a Z8 to drive any more than maintenance miles, I would get the PP.

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    It probably could be argued that the concern over the frame distortion issue is overblown relative to the number of cars actually experiencing a problem. Having said that, here are the reasons I personally decided to go ahead and install the PP.

    -The frame issue, overblown or not, is out there on the web and is something that will be connected with these cars forever. Anyone who has done due diligence in anticipation of purchasing one will be aware of it and will approach any prospective car with caution. I know from personal experience that it is difficult, even with the help of this forum, to know what to look for as far as strut tower doming, hood/fender gaps, splaying strut bolts, etc. By getting the PP installed, you have taken this issue off the table to a significant degree.

    - While difficult to quantify, I suspect a car sold with the PP installed would more than recover the cost of the PP (typically around $1800-$2000) versus a similar car without the PP.

    -Speaking again from first hand experience, the peace of mind that one gets from eliminating the fear of knowing your car can be irreparably damaged from a random encounter with a pothole or curb is a great enhancement to the overall joy of driving the car. I expect to put 1500-200 miles per year on my Z8, for me it is not a piece of garage art.

    I was told when I bought mine that they were getting scarce, even when ordered as individual components (the kit has already been discontinued). As an "accessory", I don't know if BMW includes the PP under the 50 year parts availability pledge.

    Hope this helps.


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    I think it's smart to have, even if you don't fit it as Jerry suggested.
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    Thanks for the input... Does anyone know the best dealership in Seattle to do it?

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    I'd for sure ask Tom, as he lives there, so he must know. His user name is tomfakes.
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    Good points Bill- I agree- Im just saying if say I found a true time capsule car with delivery miles on it, I think Id just keep it totally stock.

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    I absolutely agree, although to your previous point I would keep an uninstalled PP to go with the car.

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    I got mine installed at BMW Bellevue - but almost all the people who worked there then on my Z8 don't work there anymore! My independent guy used to manage the BMW Bellevue shop, and he can be found in Kirkland, 5 blocks from my condo: BMW and Mini Service Facility, Signature Independent, Washington

    - - - Updated - - -

    A few years ago, I was driving some back roads with some hooligans when I hit something in the road. It turns out that what I hit bent a front wheel enough to let all the air out.

    Without the PP installed, I'm sure I'd have had frame damage.

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    I have owned my Z8 for almost 9 years and although I have been monitoring the towers regularly, I just now had the PP installed about 2 months ago at Seattle BMW. They did have to order the separate parts from Germany and the total cost was about $2200. They did a great job and they have a dedicated tech to do them who should be fresh from just doing mine in March. Ask for Alex Long

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    BMW of Greenwich gets two more thumbs up for a perfect PP install completed this week on my '02 Z8. The technician, Selvin, had just successfully done boomster's a couple months ago. Selvin even texted me while he was on vacation to check how I liked the workmanship...I loved it! I also had him remove the CDV but I haven't noticed a difference without that so far.

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    As a relatively new owner who was interested in a moderate mileage (20-20k) driver I can say I probably wouldn't have bought a car without PP.
    silver/black- 60522

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