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    Post Pr?sentation of the Z1 - Bmw


    Here a subject on one of my cars Passion:

    A car of exception... like the Z8

    Revealed during summer 1986 before being presented officially at the show of Frankfurt 1987, Z1 made it possible BMW to join again with the tradition of the roadster. - the last roadster (convertible in two places) produced by BMW was the 507, built with only 252 specimens of 1956 to 1959.
    Propelled by V8 of 3,2 liters developing 150 horses, it passed very close to the 200 km/h. But especially, it succeeded famous the 328, presented in 1936, and which was dawning still beautiful of the mark well after the war, so much on road than in competition.

    Les roadsters BMW

    This splendid toy was the work of BMW Technik, a small department created in 1985, "charged with realizing in the automobile technical field of the studies suitable to redefine or modify the fundamental orientations and to fix new tendencies", as a memorandum BMW specified it. A hundred people worked on the project Z1, their objective being: creativity, innovation, effectiveness. Thousand days have is enough for the team directed by Harm Lagaay and Ulrich Bez to carry out the Z1 project in the long term. Z1 (Z for Zunkuft: French future) is such an exclusive roadster him, since it was not hardly built with ten units per day.

    8000 exemplary was thus produced between July 1988 and June 1991, to which one can add the 12 models of preproduction built between 1987 and 1988.


    All colors ...

    Somes Pictures ...

    Green :

    Yellow :

    Blue :

    Prune :

    Black :

    Red :

    Divers, Not original ...

    Some beautifuls pictures ! ! ! ...

    I remain at your disposal for all questions ...

    The site of the Z1 French club:

    Good reading.

    Thank you.

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    Very cool, thanks for sharing.......

    I have only seen 1 Z1 here in the USA, and I am not sure if it was officially imported, or if it was a private import. I wouldn't be surprised to find that the doors were illegal here, and thus BMW NA couldn't bring it in, but that is only a wild guess.
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    OK, this is what I have learnt about the Z1 and the USA.

    From BMW World; The "open air" cockpit was considered unsafe in the USA, and the Z1 was not allowed to be imported.

    and from; The BMW Z1 is not DOT approved for export to the USA except under a special 'Show and Display' waiver. I do NOT know any details of how to obtain the waiver, or how to import a BMW Z1 into the USA.


    That pretty much explains why we don't see the Z1 here in the US. However if you had the desire to import one that 'Show and Display' waiver has actually become easier to obtain now, and it is how all the McLaren F1's that now reside in the USA got in under the wire. Depending on your state you get a limit of 5,000 miles a year or 2,000 miles a year.
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    @ Macfly : Thank you Macfly for all these explanations.

    It's a really pity which the US ones did'nt authorize exports of Z1.

    It's a true pleasure of rolling the descended doors when one rolls on small sinuous roads...

    I'm not sure, but I've find this photo on your Web site :

    I love it
    If you got another one, i take it

    Club Z1 France

    My Cars : RS6 Avt V8 BiTurbo 450ch et BMW Z1.

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    When I was traveling in Europe in the early 90's I saw a Z1 in a dealership and that instantly turned me into a BMW fan. One of my favorites- thanks for sharing!