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    I'm getting ready to replace the tires on my 2003 Alpina. The OEM suspension and brakes have been replaced with the Cartridge Ltd/Brembo combination. The original rims were replaced with the Cartridge forged aluminum rims which are approximately 5 lbs lighter than OEM rims. My question is, should I stay with the stock alignment specs or use something different? The car is driven for pleasure not for racing..

    Anyone have a suggestion for a good alignment shop in the Sarasota, FL area?


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    I'd recommend staying stock in FL, based on what I know of the roads and the driving there.

    Some of use here in CA have increased negative camber, caster and slightly opened the toe in to almost 0?, but that's because we are nearly aways driving twisty mountain backroads where those settings make sense. In normal driving you'd get no benefit from our settings, and you'd chew up the inside of your tires.
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    I agree, especially if you are happy with it now. For every positive change you will discover a trade off.