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Thread: CG Lock for Z8 .... Seat Belt upgrade

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    Thumbs up CG Lock for Z8 .... Seat Belt upgrade

    The CG Lock is a wonderful inexpensive seat belt upgrade that is easy to install in just a few minutes and will definitely keep you planted in your seat for either spirited twisted mountain roads or for a day at the track.

    As you may have noted, even though the Z8 seats are comfortable, they really are not designed for hard cornering. The side bolsters are adequae but the seat itself really lacks any side support necessary for hard cornering, especially if you are at the track. Their claims to be similar to a 5 point harness I am not sure about but I can tell you this thing does work.

    I found this CG Lock, available at Bavarian Auto or directly from CG Lock, for $41.96 plus shipping. It installed in just a few minutes and most definitely made an improvement in keeping me firmly planted in the seat at our recent Texas Motorsport Ranch outing in October.

    I would recommend it highly to any one who either does spirirted driviing or who goes to the track regularly.

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    Thanks for the tip . .

    & the photos. Yesterday I saw this post on the BMW Quebec website . .

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    CG Lock for street driving

    I had my CG Lock installed in mid August. It worked very well on the track and I decided to leave it on for daily street driving. After about 4 months of daily usage, I continue to be impressed by the simple yet effective design of the device. However, this morning, as I was trying to free up a little kink on the belt and I noticed some severe wear on the backside of the lap belt, a 6 inch length in the early phase of fraying. I gather this is caused by the crimping action of the knurled roller inside the CG Lock and aggravated each time getting into and out of the car, as the device would have to be loosened (or tightened) along the same 6 inch portion of the belt.

    In conclusion, my positive impression of the CG Lock as a performance upgrade had not changed. I still intend on using it on the track. However, I would have reservations of leaving it on permanently for daily street use unless you are prepared to deal with possible premature wear (and replacement) of the seat belt.

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    I was fearful of that exact thing so....

    I have only used mine for spirited twisty mountain roads, like the MITM last year or the track, but not for the routine driving around town.

    CG lock officially does not recommend it as a daily upgrade (I suppose for this exact reason) but great to know what it does with daily use.
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