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Thread: Sunday Drive - Feb 3rd - Less pictures, more driving!

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    Sunday Drive - Feb 3rd - Less pictures, more driving!

    A smaller group of keener attack drivers made for a faster and more circuitous route that demanded both hands be glued to wheel.

    After meeting at the Luxe, we cruised along PCH until Los Flores Canyon, where we peeled inland like a squadron of fighters on dawn patrol. The roar of our engines on full song reverberating off the cliffs thrilling our hearts and souls as cars rocket us 2,000ft up into the mountains to our usual short stop at Top of the World. Catalina and the bay looked perfect today as the cool north wind made for one of the best visibility mornings of the winter.

    Next we make a fast run all the way along Mulholland to the ocean where we turn east on PCH. Three miles later we cut back inland for a heart stopping, hard charging hill climb up the drunken snake of Decker Canyon. At the top we bank left and fly back down Encinal Canyon to the ocean again before cruising in to the Marmalade in Malibu for a well earned breakfast.

    God I love the Z8, what an engine, what a car, what an amazing driving machine!

    Todays pix are brought to you by the Sony RX1 - Shutter Priority @ 1000 - ISO selection set to Auto. Handling in car while driving, 2/10 - image quality when it does manage to focus - 10/10.
    Andrew Macpherson

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    I can't imagine how fast you were going if Andrew needed both hands

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    Very nice Andrew. You can tell the RX1 images have a refinement that many other cameras just don't have.

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    Damn, that sounds glorious! Glad you three had such a great time. There's nothing like a good long blast in the z8 to recharge the spirit.

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    Great photos and trip log! I was trying to get through the winter with visions of our January drive, but they were fading. Thanks for the refresher.