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Thread: The story of the 'Scudaria Bavaria' collection.

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    The story of the 'Scudaria Bavaria' collection.

    This is the story a wonderful collection that belongs to one of our Z8 owning husband & wife teams in the UK.

    The cars and bikes in the 'Scudaria Bavaria' collection have been acquired over a 20 year period, most before the values hit the heights we see today. Eliza & I had a lot of help from fellow BMW enthusiasts in the UK, who have been willing to impart their knowledge and help us locate desirable cars and bikes at a prices we could afford. Being far from wealthy, this is our pension fund, and of course reflects our passion for the mark! Here is a list of the collection so far.

    1935 Frazer Nash BMW 315/1
    1939 BMW 328 Roadster
    1962 BMW Isetta
    1973 BMW 2002 Tii
    1990 BMW E30 M3 Sport Evo

    1927 BMW R47
    1937 BMW R5
    1937 BMW R35
    1938 BMW R51SS
    1951 BMW R51/3
    1951 BMW R67/1
    1954 BMW R50
    1964 BMW R60/2
    1979 BMW Magni MB1
    2001 BMW K1200 RS - AC Schnitzer

    The acquisition of the Magni you asked us about was a case in point. In December 1992 I joined Wollaston BMW, a large family owned dealership, as the Company Accountant. They also had a bike franchise, but it had never been successful. I was asked if I'd oversee it, and that's is how my interest in BMW bikes began.

    In December 1993 I journeyed to the Isle of Wight with my best friend to visit his mother. Her partner had a friend Derek Harvey who lives in Freshwater, and on hearing I was a bike nut invited us over to see the few old bikes he had. He was so full of enthusiasm as he gave us a tour of his 40 bike collection, which included very rare Moto Guzis, Ducatis, a Vincent Black Shadow, an Egli vincent and an unrestored Norvin. I was so impressed with the collection and his entusiasm for it that on the way back to David's mother's place in Yarmouth IOW I decided to get a classic bike of my own. No sooner than we walked in the door that the phone rang, and it was Derek. He wanted us to return to Freshwater, which was only a couple of miles away, as he had something else he wanted to show me.

    On arrival Derek thrust a book called' Superbikes of The Seventies ' into my hand. It was open at an article on a Magni BMW and he asked me what I thought of it. I said it looked fantastic. This was what he wanted to hear, because immediately took me to another shed, not previously visited. He opened the door and there laid out on the floor was a complete brand new frame kit along with a donor bike.

    Derek had bought the kit in around 1982 from dealer Roger Slater, who was well known in the UK as the Laverda importer and the creator of the infamous Jota. Derek dreamt of building the ultimate BMW special. On meeting me he decided that with my passion and resources at work I could do a better job than he could. He offered me the bike at the price he had paid for it in 1982 and gave me the donor bike as a start. I collected it early in 1994 and took it to Andrew Sexton, a BMW bike specialist here who took 12 month to build what you see today.

    That trip in 1993 proved very expensive as I subsequently purchased from Derek my 1951 BMW R51/3 and the unrestored Norvin. A picture of the Norvin after its 11 year restoration is also attached.

    The Magni is a joy to ride and creates much interest at Classic Meetings. A friend in the next village has a Magni MV - What a bike that is !!

    I attach here some pictures of the BMW R47, the finished Magni and the NorVin.

    A quick note from Andrew...

    Since 1950 Arturo Magni has been building the most stunning race bikes and specials. His frames have collected 75 world championships, including all 15 of Agostini's.

    The NorVin was the ultimate expression of the late 50's and early 60's British Cafe Racers, made famous by the ton up boys of the Ace Cafe on London's North Circular. It was the combination of the sweet handling Noton Featherbed frame and the mighty Vincent, the biggest, baddest and fastest motorcycle engine to come out of the UK until Triumph was reborn in the 90's.
    Andrew Macpherson

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    Amazing story and bikes, thanks!

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    Nice story....I love the Nor-Vin
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    Those are some gorgeous bikes! Thanks for sharing.
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