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Thread: Lifetime Roadside Assistance for Z8's

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    Lifetime Roadside Assistance for Z8's

    Confirmed! Z8's are covered by BMW's Roadside Assistance for life against flat tires (any brand). They will flatbed your car to the nearest BMW dealer or to the BMW dealer of your choice if they are within 50 miles of the closest dealer in the event of tire failure and help arrange for alternate transportation if needed.
    Call 800-332-4269 for assistance or confirmation of coverage with your VIN

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    Great to know! Thanks!
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    Awesome! great to know indeed!

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    That is great to know. That said, I found out the hard way that most vehicle roadside programs are more limited than basic AAA coverage. The wife's Range Rover died on me on the high way several years ago (fuel pump- one of many maladies of this vehicle- btw LR USA is by far the WORST company Ive ever dealt with).... Anyway, I pull over and call roadside- they can't come get me because I'm in a "restricted zone"- huh? I'm not on someone's farm- Im on an exit ramp off the highway! They are adamant. After 30 minutes I get a manager on the phone- another 30 minutes of arguing with the manager and they sent someone out. The driver explained to me each towing company has its own contract for a zone of the road and it turns out I was in an area that LR's roadside program didn't cover and most of the automakers' programs are like this. Only AAA covers the whole road. For the few bucks a year AAA costs- I find its very useful. When subsequent LRs have broken down (the Mrs simply likes the high up driving position and style of the vehicle- Im telling you all these are like fancy rolling ladies handbags) Ive had AAA out with no problems. Sorry to sound like an advertisement for AAA, but IMHO anyone driving around should have this.

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    2nd that on AAA. Don't leave home without it!
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    Is there a coverage map for BMW roadside, like they have for cell phone service? What are the odds you would get a flat while outside the area? If it did ever happen (odds may be stratospheric) you could just pay for a tow! I also believe in the buddy system while "off the grid"

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    I dont know about a coverage map but I was shocked to discover the off ramp of a major interstate was a "restricted area". Of course this was Land Rover's system and not BMWs. And my experience with BMWs in nearly 20 years of ownership has never been bad. But in 7 years LR USA has managed to be the #1 company in my bad behavior dog house. I only get these because the wife likes them. Otherwise there'd be no way. Anyway, IMHO, AAA is cheap insurance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Z8Mania View Post
    AAA is cheap insurance.

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