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Thread: Skin care, skin cancer and convertible driving.

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    Exclamation Skin care, skin cancer and convertible driving.

    Sadly Melanoma has raised it's ugly head quite a lot in our little community lately, so I took a trip to my local dermatologist for a full body scan just to be on the safe side, especially as I've already outlived my mum who died of cancer by two years. Happily I have nothing even remotely problematic, but my doc gave me a little fact sheet of prevention tips that I wanted to share with everyone.

    Sunscreens are not the panacea that they would like you to believe they are, but of the bunch Neutrogena Ultra Sheer and Banana Boat get the highest marks.

    There is a company that sells actual sun proofed clothing, highly recommended for long days with the top down -
    I have already emailed them to get a quote for a group buy, and last year Ian showed me some stunning logo designs that I've been itching to use, so I'll keep that on the front burner.

    You can add a protective coating to your own clothes too, from this company -

    Protective sun hats are also essential for convertible driving in the midday sun - and also
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    Great post Andrew.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Z8Mania View Post
    Great post Andrew.

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    And a wide brimmed hat!

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    Thanks Andrew for sharing this information! Any recommendations on hats? During the day, I usually wear a baseball cap, but would be open to other suggestions.
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    I have always been a wide brimmed hatter as all those who've driven with me know. Right now the one I'm using is the best one I've had to date, it is a heavy duty double layered white canvas, but the brim isn't too stiff, something that can be annoying with wind and speed. However it was a gift from Satch Carlson of the BMW CCA, and he got it at a Yokohama press junket, so I'm none the wise as to where it really came from.

    This site seems to have some pretty good options too -

    My current Yokohama one is something like this one from that site...
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    I am very pleased with my Tilley Airflo hat but really can't say how it performs at speeds that Andrew drives at.

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    I'm thinking about getting one of these

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    I worry the flapping might get to be a constant slapping at speed with all that fabric around the face.
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    Laura's made me a fan of Sublime Sun Face Lotion SPF 50 by L'Oreal. It's amazingly light, and I try to use it daily. Great for top-down trips as well.

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    A friend that had skin cancer had this recommended to him by his doctor. I use it while playing 4-5 hour golf rounds, with a wide brimmed hat and wraparound sunglasses. Available on Amazon and elsewhere. It also contains zinc oxide which is a block, as opposed to a screen.
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    Good ideas. Both have come highly recommended to me.

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    Guys, please beware that the sun also has quite a few positive effects!