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Thread: Canon EOS M

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    Canon EOS M

    Continuing the welcome trend of large sensors in compact bodies, Canon just entered the fray with their new EOS M.

    It features an 18MP APS-C size sensor - basically the guts of the EOS 650D DSLR in a tiny body (see image below for size comparison)

    This one is not for me - for one thing, due to the lack of buttons/ controls, almost everything forces a trip to the menu system. however, at this rate of new model introductions we should soon have a near perfect compact-body-large-sensor camera!

    Preview at dpreview

    Thom Hogan's take on it

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    This looks promising but Id like to have a built in flash. I realize the fact that you can put big lenses on it means the built in flash probably wouldn't work but Im just whining.

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    Putting the huge Pro lens on the thing seems to negate the benefits.

    That 22mm and the new Canon 40mm pancake lenses seem to be made for this format. The f1.4 50mm is probably good too!

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    I really enjoyed using the Fuji X-Pro 1 on my trip, its conventional controls and lack of too many menu trips are a delight, its a camera that really works well if you come from a traditional background.

    Since this is the same size chip, I doubt it'll be bettering the Fuji on anything, except price.
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