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Thread: Trunk release button problem

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    Trunk release button problem

    Just had my car serviced at dealer. Now, interior trunk release button does not work. Gas filler cap does work and the trunk will release from key fob.
    Anyone have idea on the fix?

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    Check if your glove compartment is locked. If the glove box is locked, the inside trunk release release button will not open the trunk. It's a nice feature if you want to leave your car out with the roof down.

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    Was not locked. Just like that,started working again. Gremlins? 12 year old car? Who knows? Maybe the battery is suspect going to replace it shortly

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    The odds are its some kind of microswitch that died.

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    Thanks for sharing this information. In for an inspection, I had a BMW mechanic tell me that the switch was dead and would cost $500 to replace it once they got the part from Germany...

    Of course it was a locked glove compartment.

    Can't get good help anymore; except here. Thank you, thank you , thank you.
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