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Thread: BMWZ8.US Image Upload Instructions & Mission Statement

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    Post BMWZ8.US Image Upload Instructions & Mission Statement

    Posting images in the FORUM

    1.) to prepare your image size it to 1200 pixels wide @72dpi JPEG. (medium - 8 quality for speedy viewing.)

    2.) Hit the 'reply' or 'new post' button below to start your message - NB: if you hit the Quick Reply you'll have to click Go Advanced to get to the attachment window.

    3.) A new 'your post' will open, type in your text as normal, then scroll down past the 'options' section, to 'attach file' or 'attachment'.

    4.) Hit the 'browse' button on the far right of that section, and a dialog box showing your desktop appear.

    5.) Choose the file you want to attach by searching for them on your system in this dialog box.

    6.) Hit the 'upload' button.

    If your image doesn't load please email it to me with either a description of the failure, or some screen shots, so I can try to get it fixed.

    See visual guide below.......
    Andrew Macpherson

    Expert Z8 Inspections, with full support for both Z8 sale and purchases.

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    Our Mission Statement remains the same after a decade!

    Mission Statement.

    This board is meant to be a long term resource of reference material and an online meeting place for all Z8 owners, and also the US wing of the wonderful Z8 Club.

    If you've had a problem with your car, and found a fix, please post the information so we can share the knowledge to keep our cars in perfect condition. Please feel free to start a thread, or continue one, as all information about our cars is welcome. All threads of long term value will be archived as an ongoing owner's resource.

    The M5 Board is also a great resource of information on our shared S62 engines. Many of those cars have done high mileages with very enthusiastic use, so will show up any weaknesses in the engine or drivetrain, and give us a good ideea of what to expect from our engines over time.


    Selling and/or Advertizing policy...

    This is a totally non-commercial site, which I do simply for fun, and for all of our enjoyment, so anyone who is selling anything that benefits the Z8 community is welcome to post details and info about their products free of charge in the For Sale section of the Forum.

    Since it is an open forum purchasers will be able to discuss the products, and if things aren't perfect, it will be openly discussed so everyone can share in the knowldege. I hope this will encourage a great experience for all, and ensure that we Z8'ers get the very best.


    To make the most of the information here don't change your personal USERS PREFS at the top of this page.

    The default is set so you should always see all the posts, but should you find you can't for some reason check your USER PREFS, and make sure they're set as below;
    Open PREFS panel >
    Go to EDIT OPTIONS >
    Scroll down to the dialog DEFAULT THREAD VIEW: >

    Andrew Macpherson

    Expert Z8 Inspections, with full support for both Z8 sale and purchases.

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    Thanks for re-stating this information. It is helpful.

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    Thanks Andrew. Been so long since posting images I couldn’t remember how…
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