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Thread: Poor seat belt tension

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    Poor seat belt tension

    Recently I have noticed that the tensioner that reels up the seat belts has become noticably weaker. It reels up fine if I help feed the belt back into the slot, but I worry that a passenger or I will forget and slam the door with the metal part of the buckle in the door jamb.

    Anyone else experienced this or know how to access the tensioners? Car has about 17k miles now.

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    Observe safety regulations for handling airbag modules and pyrotechnical seat belt tensioners,
    refer to MG 72.
    Inexpert handling can trigger off the airbag or the belt tensioner and thus cause injury.
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    The problem you describe is very normal on most Z8's. Most cars have damage mostly in the driver's door jamb from the seat belt buckle being caught while closing the door. Personally I would just help feed it back and leave it at that.

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    Normal: I have never caught or closed my belt in the door, but have always had "slow" tensioners... just feed it carefully. It is easy to get a turn or twist in it too.

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    Same here. They're a bit slow, and my passenger side has a twist that I've yet to fix.

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    Replaced VIN plate sticker

    Mine has the same problem and unfortunately the previous owner got it caught enough times to damage the VIN plate - requiring replacement.
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    If you spray some "Pleage" on the seat belt itself on both sides. It may help. The wax in Pleage will help lubicate the seat belt reel. I also use spray silcone also. Of coarse clean the belt off afterwards. This is what I use in the shop.

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    Does the lemon or orange scent work better?