AutoLogic makes a Pocket PC programmed for OBDII which has no problem connecting with the Z8's OBDII system, and provides access to all of its features. It's simple to use and can't hurt your car's programming in any way. The Autologic unit allows you to tap into rpms, timing, intake air temp, water temp, MAF flow rate, throttle position, run system checks, reset check engine lights and determine why they were activated.

The complete kit includes an HP Pocket PC fully programmed for OBDII analysis and all the necessary connectors at around $900. You can also purchase just the software and connectors to install on your own pocket PC for about half that price.

Check out all of the options on their website or call them at 262 820 9672. (There are many other companies offering similiar scanning tools and some are cheaper, but none could guarantee access to the Z8.)

Many thanks to Grease Monkey for the great research and sharing his knowledge.