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Thread: Possible LED solution to Neon Taillights - Need Core

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    Possible LED solution to Neon Taillights - Need Core

    Hi Guys,

    I'm working on a solution to the ever-failing Neon taillights and blinkers. I have someone willing to try to remanufacture the tail lights with LED, but I need to give them a core to develop the prototype.

    Has anyone replaced their tailights and kept the old ones? If you're willing to part with your old lights for R&D, I'll send them back to you with LEDs for cost so we can develop a solution. (assuming of course that it works!)

    You can reach me directly at zacm AT



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    Great idea, you might also keep an eye on EBay, they come up quite often there too.
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    Hi Zac,

    Did you ever get anywhere with this? I have just had my US rear lights converted to LED's including orange for turn and hazard, red for stop as there were no EU lights available. They look pretty good. Will be posting a video soon.


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    Wow, Anxious to see the video.

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    Neon lights

    I purchased one left tail light on Ebay (not sure if it works) a while back then I came into a second one given to me by our local BMW dealer that we know doesn't function. I have found a company that is working with both to see if they can repair them and keep them neon. I will keep you posted, if they do not have any success I will be happy to send one the lights to someone if they have other thoughts how to correct or change them.


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    Hello Pandaman

    Did the neon light company come up with a solution?