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Thread: Project E52

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    Project E52

    Here is a summary of the work I've done with my Z8.

    It spans a few of our forums so I've listed it here in the upgrades section.

    I feel she is now complete.

    What I've done:

    I feel the Z8 is now complete- it is what it should have been from the factory. The mods are:

    *Alpina Suspension, wheels and MPS2 tires

    *Dinan adjustable sway bars

    *Quaife 3.64 LSD (stock is 3.38 open)

    *Eisenmann race exhaust

    *CDV removal

    *Alpina/ AI Design V1 display with control and additional power socket.

    *BMW Performance Package
    I wanted to keep it to being as factory legitimate as possible. We've discussed the benefits of the Alpina suspension + Dinan sways set to their stiffest in other threads. I think the radar display is really fantastic. I'm really happy with the results. Btw- that last pic was taken with the new iPhone- the only alteration was scaling down and save for web in PS.

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    I love the stealth integrated V1 display in the Alpina dash panel, that is pure genius, and so much more chic than having the unit hanging from the sun visor as I do.
    Andrew Macpherson

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    Thanks Andrew. I certainly think so. It works great!

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    That V1 display is absolutely brilliant! Fantastic job, Jerry.

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    Ditto on Andrews statement on the V1 design -- where is the actual radar front and rear sensors units located???
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    Beautiful job on the V1 placement! very stealth.

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    The system they use for laser is the Blinder. Its warning light is positioned beneath the V1 up arrow. So the V1 has its laser sensitivity turned off. If the Blinder goes off, there is a distinct and loud beeping and the V1 up arrow will light up. Laser from the rear is possible but so much less likely.

    The next part you might call a little controversial because the V1 itself is hidden in the upper dash of the car. They have a way which I wont explain here on how to get it to a location where its sensitivity is numbed as little as possible. In my own tests, if one had a V1 on their windshield and maybe one would get a very weak X or K signal (one light on the signal strength meter)- now I dont get anything. But anything stronger than a very weak signal will register. Ones tolerance for this depends on how you drive. First of all I dont believe a radar detector keeps you out of tickets. I think thats 99% experience + common sense. The other 1% is for those times that having advance warning is helpful. You have to remember that police radar guns are very powerful. This setup absolutely picks that up. But a V1 will only pick something up if its being fired. So if an officer is using instant on, as they usually do, the only thing any detector is going to tell you is that you've been busted. Where I think the slight numbing down of the detector is a real detriment is not if one is having a nice drive on the highway, say 75-80 with traffic- but if one were a complete nut driving at sustained triple digit speeds and really needed to have the furthest advanced warning. The problem with that, as I mentioned is you will eventually get nabbed and when you do you probably will go to jail. One nice thing about slightly numbing the detector down is there are far fewer false signals presented- which means one takes it far more seriously. I know the V1 has a logic mode but Ive found it to be less than optimal- even in little "L" mode Ive found it ignores legitimate signals sometimes. Anyway, bottom line is I went for the best possible aesthetics and the "price" is a slight reduction of sensitivity of the unit. I knew this going in and have no objections to it. I'm very pleased with how it works. Just as an aside to the sensitivity, Im picking up the new 7 series and S class about 1/4 to 1/2 a mile away- they emit K band radar for their lane and blind spot systems. So I really don't think the sensitivity has been that badly impacted. Its the laser part of the V1 thats most impacted and thats why I went with the Blinder system.

    Really enjoying the car in this setup.

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    Out here in CA our fast driving opportunities give a very different bogey profile. The only thing you'll find where I go to speed is a random police cruiser, and that will be on Ka band. I once come up on one hiding over the brow of a slight hill in the desert just north of Death Valley. As soon as the V1 went off I jammed on the brakes, and scrubbed off a full 100mph to crest the slight rise at 55, with a smile and a wave at the awaiting officer. He looked quite surprised to see someone actually going the limit, especially in a sports car!
    Andrew Macpherson

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    Same here with the Ka. They mostly use that because they have newer guns, and its more accurate. Their guns are so powerful- even at some solid distances (miles) I get signal with the V1 mounted inside my dash. Nice road Andrew.

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    Looks like a Norcal following you, Andrew.

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    Yep, MITM, day 1, heading down into Death Valley.
    Andrew Macpherson

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    Brilliant use of the alpina pod! I love it. This was my solution to the remote valintine display sine yje addition of a magellian GPS
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    Beautiful job Jerry! Almost complete... needs UUC short-shift

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    Thanks. Short shift, dinan camber plates, headers, are all on the menu for next summer as project E52 is a long term affair.