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Thread: A very nice rendition on a classic theme...

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    A very nice rendition on a classic theme...

    Obviously if we love the Z8 we love classic lines, so I thought I'd share this shot of just released new Norton Commando 'Cafe Racer'.

    They've done a stunning job of keeping true to the original lines, and created a bike any of us two wheel affectionados would be happy to put in our garages. I hope they do well with it, the only thing that would stop me buying it is the knowledge that BMW is going to be releasing its own Cafe Racer based on the Lo Rider concept next year. If that is as exciting as I think it will be that will be my next bike, if it isn't the Norton is certainly a contender!
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    Cool bike!

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    Who ended up with the name? I remember seeing some insane Norton concepts about 10 years ago with 300hp or something.

    Nice to see them back.