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Thread: Guy Webster's wonderful collection...

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    Guy Webster's wonderful collection...

    Today I had the chance to meet and visit with Guy Webster who has owned over a thousand motorcycles in his seventy odd years, though over the last couple he has whittled his collection down considerably since this great documentary was made. Even though many of the sports and racing Laverdas I love, and hoped to see were gone, there are still many simply stunning machines in the more manageable sized collection.

    Guy is an engaging raconteur full of wonderful stories and anecdotes about every machine in the collection. I wasn't really taking notes, more soaking it up, and enjoying his enthusiasm and passion for the art of the motorcycle, so I can't tell you what you are looking at, but I can tell you that every bike here is both significant and has a great story attached to it. Here are some pictures to give you a glance at the amazing bikes he has.
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    I just love the simple mechanical creatures of the past. Less is more, that's for sure. It is so great to be able to stare at a bike and see all its parts.

    Thanks for sharing.
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    The GS and Lotus pairing in the last shot is just wrong - curse you!