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Thread: Schrick Cams.

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    Schrick Cams.

    A review by Grease Monkey.

    I had Dinan install the Schrick cams for the S62 motor in my Z8 and they just finished tuning it on their extremely accurate dyno. I only have a few numbers at this time but they are putting together a full graph which will be sent to me later. My Z8, which has Dinan's full S2 setup, had a peak HP reading of 476 with the Schrick cams installed. Their baseline Z8 produced 461 HP with full S2 setup, so they saw a 15 HP increase. My Z8 also has the Eisenmann race exhaust so my guess is the cams added 10 HP and the exhaust contributed the other 5 HP. I say this because Steve Dinan only expected about a 10 HP increase from the cams so the exhaust was probably responsible for the rest. They were able to increase the HP by 4 due to fine tuning of the ECU since the air/fuel mixture was slightly lean initially.

    Frankly, the small increase in HP makes it hard to justify the cost of installing the Schrick cams, especially when a switch to 3.64 gears will give a much bigger improvement for less money. For those of you contemplating the Schrick cams, a few words of warning are in order. Dinan is planning to come out with their own cam upgrade for the S62 motor (they may use the Schricks or their own grind) so they do NOT want to do any more installs at this time. If you haven't upgraded the intake and exhaust capabilities of your motor (Dinan S2, Hamann, etc.), installing the Schricks is probably a complete waste. Your engine just won't be able to take advantage of the cams' higher performance profiles. Besides, even a full S2 equipped engine can only expect a 10 HP increase in power and that assumes someone can fine tune the ECU for you. Finally, the clearance for the Schrick cams in the heads is very close and may require some machine work to avoid interference (mine did).

    I am looking forward to having my baby back home soon and playing with the new found ponies, but please remember that I live at 6000 feet and need all the help I can get just to experience what most of you get to play with every day in your unmodified Z8s.

    Probably the best thing about this project was getting to work with Steve Dinan and his company again. Steve is a true gentleman (not to mention a lunatic fringe enthusiast!) and his company is the most impressive aftermarket organization I have ever seen. Their facility and manufacturing equipment are state-of-the-art and most of his employees have been there for over 20 years! I got the "cook's tour" and was blown away by the level of attention to detail involved in all of the products they manufacture. Besides the BMW upgrades (requiring 2 different facilities), Dinan also has a race engine shop where they produce full-race S62 motors for use in the Rolex Daytona series and nitro-methane burning fuel dragster engines! What fun!

    Grease Monkey.
    Andrew Macpherson

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    Follow up post from GM

    Following their successful installation of Schrick cams in my Z8, Dinan has decided to offer them as an upgrade option on their S2 kits for both the M5 and the Z8. Their dyno numbers for an S2 Z8 with cams installed is 473 HP at 6700 rpm with 415 lb/ft of torque at 5000 rpm. They use Stage 6 ECU software in conjunction with the cams to optimize their performance. For more info, visit

    It is interesting to note that BMW's newest M motor, the V-10 engine fitted to the M5, produces 507 HP at 7750 rpm yet only produces 383 lb/ft of torque at 6100 rpm. The stock Z8 motor is rated at 368 lb/ft of torque and Dinan's S2 mods deliver 415 lb/ft! What this all means is the new engine has been lightened internally so its reciprocating parts have less mass and thus it can be revved higher (8250 rpm redline).
    That's where the big horsepower increase is coming from, but they haven't been able to increase the torque output much at all. Bottom line is this: your stock Z8 motor continues to be a very competitive powerplant, particularly for acceleration (as opposed to top speed). Remember, it's torque that accelerates your car. If you change your rear axle ratio to 3.64:1, you will have the equivalent of roughly 400 lb.ft or torque to play with and for anything but a run on the Salt Flats, you will have significantly more power available than even BMW's latest and greatest F1 based M motor. Not too shabby!

    Grease Monkey
    Andrew Macpherson

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