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Thread: performance chips

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    performance chips

    Anyone have any idea or information regarding the performance chip upgrade you can get for the Z8 through Bavarian Autoport ( It boasts and increase of 21 hp and 17 Lbs/ft of torque and removes the top speed limit of the original chip. (actually they want you to send your original ECU to them and it sounds like they will reprogram it). They are asking a meer $3,499.95!! Wow, Only $167 per Hp!

    Any one know how this compares with the performance software upgrades offered through Dinan that range $499 to $799 and seem to do the same thing?

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    I have no idea on that.....

    but being a suspicious Scot I suspect it is just an easy way to make a large profit!

    Even if their claim is real it is a total gain of just 5%, and that I doubt would be detecable in the seat of the pants, or the extra width of the grin, making it a very bad value for money upgrade.

    That price would get you a full ACSchnitzer suspension kit, and Dinan sway bar set up, now that will really make your car go better!
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