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Thread: Z8 Demo Suitcase

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    Z8 Demo Suitcase

    Yesterday I was able to get hold of one of the few Z8 Demo Suitcases made by BMW for their branches in major German cities.

    It is an aluminum case (looks like Rimova) that fits exactly into the Z8 trunk:

    If you open it, you will see 8 of the well-known 1:18 models, in 4 colors, so two of each color:

    Then there is a plate with the Z8 logo on it that can be unfolded to show more stuff:

    There are samples of all outer colors, the interior color (silver), and the two options for the roof (crema or black):

    There are also leather samples in three colors:

    Guarded by a lock using the magic number "0 0 7"...

    A bit unfortunate: This case is so heavy, you need two people to lift it out of the trunk. Hence it is no wonder that the case is slightly bend at the top.

    BMW Direct Marketing sold the 10 existing boxes when they didn't need them anymore, I have the advertising letter as well.
    Best regards, Dieter


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    Wow, that is simply stunning, if you happen to see another one for sale please let me know, I'd love one for my collection too!
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    That is an incredible find Dieter! Keep me in mind too if you find another one as my ever growing model collection would benefit from the addition too!
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