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Thread: Last Thursday Night at Al Bernat's in Dallas

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    Last Thursday Night at Al Bernat's in Dallas

    I walked out and there was a beautiful silver/black Z8 with the hardtop on, parked in full view of entry. I was having dinner with an old friend who commented, "That is an incredible car" and I must say I was proud to say with a wink, "Yea I know!".
    I don't get to see many Z8's in Rochester, especially now with winter in full gear. In any case if you're a member of this board, your car is beautiful and I wanted to tell you it didn't go unnoticed.

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    I own a silver and black 2001 Z8 and may be able to steer you in the right direction for the repair of some items. What restoration is needed?


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    Rick: I think we’re on someone else’s thread, but the primary restoration work is needed on the exterior paint and the colored panels in the interior. Let me know if you have any recommendations for shops in the Dallas area.Thanks,Kevin