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Thread: cold start rattling

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    cold start rattling

    Hi there,

    I've read about members and owners reactions to the cold start rattling...tappets which does go away when the engine warms up. Does anyone know if BMW can offer a solution with a part retrofit that cures this?

    Ken George

    2002 Black/crema 61268

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    With that VIN your car already has the most updated Vanos unit in it. It isn't the tappets, it is the Vanos unit, and we have constantly been told it isn't a problem. It happens to all our cars if they sit for a while. If you start it up every couple of weeks or so it won't happen, but I never bother. When it is cold-clicking I keep the revs very, very low, and it nearly always go away after just a couple of minutes. Once or twice it has lasted for three to five on very cold days, but it always goes away.
    Andrew Macpherson

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