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Thread: Anyone used M Mobility or ContiComfort kit yet ?

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    Anyone used M Mobility or ContiComfort kit yet ?

    With a lot of owners changing to non runflat tires I was wondering;

    1) Which set is used (original BMW M mobility kit or ContiComfort Kit ?)
    2) Any flat tires ? Experiences ?

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    I have the M Mobility kit, but never have had to use it - thank heavens!
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    Ditto for me

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    I bought a copy of the Conti product, called "Airman" ( ) at the local store. It was inexpensive ($49) and seems to have the same features as the Conti product. I haven't had to use it on the Z8 yet.

    I took it along in my E30 318is to a track day recently so that I could trim tire pressures and there was an incident. One of the other drivers borrowed it to top up his tires and I went along to help out. This was the first real use of this new gadget. The trouble is we were too hasty and accidentally hooked up the sealent bottle tube to his tire rather than the compressor tube. We didn't drive any sealent into his tire, but when he pulled the tube back off it leaked all over the wheel and made quite a mess. Well, we cleaned it up quickly so no harm done, but I guess I need to replace the sealant bottle now that its seal has been broken. Replacements appear to be about $20.

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    I have the mobility kit and also have never used it. My mechanic, however, urged me not to use it as it really messes up the wheels to the point you can never get all the stuff out. He suggests a plug kit or tow. Who really knows?

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    I have m-mobility kit and have never used it. Some things that you should know:

    1) The m-mobility kit can not solve all possible damage, so without RFTs, your only option may be a tow truck.
    2) If you have more than 1 flat, see above.
    3) After using m-mobility, you have to drive for some distance (10-15 miles) to allow the liquid to distribute evenly.
    4) After use, make sure the repair is done right, with all that glue cleaned up really well.
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    I have heard that the cleaning off the sealant (inside rim) really is a terrible job

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    You may want to check, but I think the Mobility kit has a shelf life of 4 years or so. I saw it in the maintenance book as an item needing replacement at 4 years and brought that to the attention of my dealer just before the warranty went out. They replaced the kit at no charge. Just a thought so you don't get caught with one that doesn't operate as advertised because it was out of shelf life.

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    Its not the kit- its just the liquid "gunk". I believe the shelf life can be up to 4 years but can also start deteriorating in only 2 years.

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    I had a blow out once in my Alpina on the right rear tire going about 80 mph. Couple of things to note. 1) Car handling did not feel any different, only the tire pressure light coming on helped me to realize that there was an issue. 2) Flat bed is the only way to go, do not tow the car 3) Because the front end is so low make certain that the flat bed operator places some boards under your front tires to begin elevating the car early so that you do not scrape the front end as they load the car. The operator I had was excellent and said that they sent him in particular because of his experience with loading sports cars. Had it been an inexperienced operator I am certain that the front spoiler would have been damaged when loading the car.

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    Am finally going to take the plunge and replace the run-flats with PS2s. Anyone had experience with Slime products?

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    I used the M-kit when my M5 got a puncture. The tire guy doing the repair said its not difficult getting the goop out, but its unpleasant as it remains "wet" inside the tire and it smells really bad. He said he was very happy that I notified him ahead of time that the goop was in there so he was prepared when the tire came off the rim. It saved me from a long wait for a tow truck. I'm a believer and carry an M-kit in the Z8 now that I ditched the runflats.

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    Which goo did you buy?
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    Scott, I use the stuff from BMW.