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Thread: Leather Care recommendations

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    Leather Care recommendations

    Looking for some advice from the board.

    Should I use a hidefood based conditioner such as Lexol NF (neatsfoot) or another silicone based preparation and if so which is best.

    I have always used the Lexol preparation and like the tactile and aesthetic results but I have read that it may not be "conditioning" the leather to any appreciable degree.

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    Our leather is silicone impregnated, and as such it repels everything you put on it, nothing you put on it will really soak in and condition in the old fashioned way. I have been told that it is best to use silicon based cleaner/conditioner, and Lexol do make one, so you could try using that.
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    I remember reading that we should stick with the BMW branded one though I am sure its someone elses rebranded. I have had good results with it.

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    Leather Rejuvenator

    I got a product called Groit's Leather Rejuvenator. Has anyone esle used this? I put in on my Red/Black 10-year old leather interior, let it sit for 2 hours and its looks great. The fine weathering lines were refreshed. Now to apply it to all the tons of leather that is so well stiched on these fine vehicles.

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