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  1. Black / Cream Dinan S2 VIN #WBAEJ13402AH61390

    Black /Cream WBAEJ13402AH61390 Z8 with Aplina BMW wheels.
  2. Car & Driver Review of the Dinan S2 E39 V8 (same as Z8)

    Car & Driver
    Dinan S2-M5
    One of our favorite rides goes under the wrench and-surprise!-emerges a better car.
    Nov 1, 2002

    Here's a shocker: We don't...
  3. 2000 Z2 Dinan S2 Silver / Black

    Not sure the vin number on this one as I can't read the plaque clearly. Still, here is another early example. Owner stated it was one of 7 (at the time).

    The owner states in his listing:

  4. Dinan Z8 S2 Black/Black WBAEJ13491AH60463

    One of the earlier S2 Z8. Note the different plaque compared to later S2 Z8s. VIN # WBAEJ13491AH60463
  5. Dinan Z8 S2 Pedals

    Not sure if these are part of the S2 package or not, but just realized the aluminum pedals are Dinan as well.
  6. My pleasure! Its really quite an interesting set...

    My pleasure! Its really quite an interesting set up under that plenum. It's a nice touch how Dinan engraved their work.
  7. Dinan Velocity Stack and Throttle Body Comparison to Stock.

    Here is a comparison between the stock velocity stack and the Dinan stack. Also, the Dinan throttle body upgrade. Note how much larger and also smoother the Dinan intake trumpet is as part of the...
  8. Silver/Black Dinan S2 Z8

    I came across this one here on the forum. An early S2 Z8
  9. Dinan S2 Z8 Registry (Dinan Signature 2 Series BMW Z8 )

    According to Dinan, they produced a handful of cars (under 20) that had their "Signature Two" or S2 package.

    I thought it might be time to create a registry of sorts for these cars. Here's the...
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