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  1. Current Z8's for purchase..

    Currently have the 2003 Alpina w 5k mi, 2000 Z8 w 8k mi & incoming 2001 blk/blk Z8 w 10k miles..

    Llistings on our web site at

    Thank you for following up!!
  2. Andrew, Yes both the 2002 and the Alpina are...

    Andrew, Yes both the 2002 and the Alpina are currently available for purchase. As well as a 2001 Z8 Triple Black w just 4k miles we just purchased.
  3. Performance Kit

    Neither BMW is currently equipped with the Performance Kit. However both cars have been thoroughly inspected by our BMW "In House" Factory Trained techs and found the shock towers on both BMW's to be...
  4. 2002 Z8 (#61500) Silver/Red & 2003 Alpina (#62415) Silver/Black - Sold

    Hello Everyone!!

    We currently have (2) "Exceptional" cars available for immediate delivery. Enclosed shipping arranged Worldwide... HAVENHURSTKID is a good friend and client of ours...

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