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Thread: New Years first drive, Jan 4, 2015

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    New Years first drive, Jan 4, 2015

    It was a perfect SoCal morning to practice the art of Top Down In Winter driving. It was sunny and clear with temps from the mid fifties down to freezing, so the heated seats were working double time!

    The pix are all on the iPhone 6 which seems to have some sort of strange wobble-banding when used in the car, but I kind of like it, its something fun and different. Also for those of you who haven't yet met my new co-pilot, meet Joanna.
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    Looks like great fun. I like top down in really cold weather. Finally someone outdid your crazy fur hat!

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    Looks like a great day to be out on the road! With that said, Joanna gets bonus points for serving as a passenger on a cold early morning drive!
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    Belated Happy Birthday Andrew; live long and prosper!! Renate and I are very much looking forward to meeting Joanna.
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    So nice to see friends having a great time. Happy New Year to all!!!!!

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    We're in a deep freeze with 0 degrees and windshield of -22! I don't think I will drive to work top down today. However, I am very glad (and jealous) for all you who can enjoy the drives. Well, I'll just appreciate it more when I can hit the road with the Z8 again!
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